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What this Website offer?

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Some topics in this Web site can hurt with hardness some net surfers or can be badly taken. Our intention is not to score numbers of visitors, but only to respect Buddha's speech as meticulously as possible.

What offers?

A deepened study of authentic Buddha's teaching. At the same time rich of information and written in an easy language, this web site show, with many sides, the necessary things to the comprehension of this teaching, and its priceless benefit. Then, it gives to each one the motivation to follow this noble path, until the right and complete comprehension of reality.

Nothing that is proposed in this web site is to buy, everything is free like the books that one can download (even book reader software are free like acrobat). So, advertising doesn't have to takes place here. The suggestion to use Mozilla Firefox browser is a private choice of the Webmaster, in order to bring his guests to navigate with a high quality browser that fully respect Web standards.

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Author: Dhamma Sāmi

Birth of the Website: 2001, February the 12th

Last update: 2010, Nov. the 26th