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the buddhist practice

What does the Buddhist practice lie in?

Being in contradiction with everything that is believed by the largest number, the Buddha's disiples (those who, in all cases, have put into practice and understood his teaching) agree to very expressly claim that everything that we could call "the Buddhist practice" is not:

  • an exercise
  • a set of rituals
  • a set of ceremonies
  • a series of recitations of prayers or mantras
  • a transcendence
  • a kind of magic
  • a kind of faith
  • a belief
  • a divine revelation
  • a philosophy
  • a relaxation

According to Buddha himself, who has never done all these things in order to reach liberation, his teaching should be qualified as:

  • a statement of reality
  • a medicine
  • a science
  • a way of life
  • a self-questioning or self-examination
  • a reflection

To come to know about the most favourable, healthiest and wisest way to manage one's life, you are requested to read theses teachings dealing with the practice of the laity:

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