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"Dhamma" Font

Especially make for this site, the "Dhamma" font correctly displays the french and Pali characters, and is easy to read. The printing is very smooth. Moreover, its file is very light.

Caution: For a convenient display of the "Dhamma" font to the screen, take care that the smoothing of the police to the screen is well activated on your computer.

"Special" characters of the Pali language, with the police "Dhamma":

example of characters with the Dhamma font

Download it now...

Save it on your hard disk and set it up in the font folder ("Fonts ", etc.):

TTF logo Dhamma font (TTF file, 31,7 Ko)
ZIP logo Dhamma font (ZIP file, 15,9 Ko)

Notice: Each font suggested on this web page is available in ".ttf" and ".zip" file, which is the compression of the first one. So just choose one of them.

This font can be freely use (for a Web site, or a book, etc.). while it's used for personal or for non profitable association, it's Ok. It is forbidden to use this font for commercial purpose and with still more reason to sell it or to gain money in one way or another.

About the "Dhamma" font and the Pali characters, also read the chapter on the Pali terms.

The expanded versions

The "Dhamma" font also exists in expanded and ultra expanded versions. The conditions of use for both versions are the same as for the standard.

Notice: It is the XL version which was used for the logo of Website's name. However, notice than that only the standard version is needed for the entire web site. Both following versions are simply offered for the personal use.

TTF logo Dhamma L font (TTF file, 31,9 Ko)
ZIP logo Dhamma L font (ZIP file, 15,7 Ko)

TTF logo Dhamma XL font (TTF file, 32,2 Ko)
ZIP logo Dhamma XL font (ZIP file, 16,3 Ko)

If you need, click on the next link to go to a Website for getting freely a decompressing files software:

Filzip logo

Get Filzip software

"SktTimes" font

The "SktTimes" Font (Sanskrit Times) is a usually employed for the Pali texts.

It's split up into four files (normal, italic, bold and italic bold).

PNG logo Normal SktTimes font (80,3 KB) (TTF File, 80,3 Ko)
ZIP logo SktTimes font normal (fichier ZIP, 48,1 Ko)

PNG logo SktTimes font italic (TTF file, 78,6 Ko)
ZIP logo SktTimes font italic (fichier ZIP, 44,7 Ko)

PNG logo SktTimes font bold (TTF file, 72,7 Ko)
ZIP logo SktTimes font bold (ZIP file, 44 Ko)

PNG logo SktTimes font italic bold (TTF file, 77,2 Ko)
ZIP logo SktTimes font italic bold (ZIP file, 44,7 Ko)

Note: The SktTimes Font is not used for dhammadana.org's web site, therefore useless with its reading. Nevertheless used in the books suggested for download it's included in these files.

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