url: http://www.dhammadana.org/ph/116.jpg

alt: Photo 16

title: Pagan – Monk going to collect his food with his bowl.

longdesc: On firstround, a naked feet monk, his bol in one hand, a partition on the other. The next plan, a white lion made of stone, hight like two men, gold decored and stuked on a ochre socle. On his side; from him, a original statue of a fifty centimeters hight, egfy formed. It representes a smily men, hat and red jacket, black and white tile trouser. On the backround, a Pagodon of a ten meters hight, guilty with gold, stucked on a base made with chiseled white stone. On the right, the entrance of the place, fited of a richly decored roof, handed by columns.