url: http://www.dhammadana.org/ph/521.jpg

alt: Photo 21

title: Inwa – The king of monasteries. This monumental and splendid vihāra, which gives the impression of having been built out of a one piece rock, is very representative of the flourishing of the saµgha at its time. On several levels aligns a succession of cavities, plunged in silence and darkness- even in full daytime. They are ideal for the numerous monks on meditative retreat.

longdesc: Massive monastery in sculpted stone, yellow colored, with dark areas because of the time. From a pur style, the magnificent monastery fron many centuries old is presenting itself on many levels stairs. All is made of stone, roof included, with down reliefs and points on the extremity of the roofs. Down, we see a inside who let knows a down stair, where monks use to meditate before in the dark and the quitness too, because expeptong a few inside, there is no windows. For accessing to what seems to be the entrance, there is a stair with larges massive stone ramps, appearing at firt plan, from a typical Burmese style from this time.