url: http://www.dhammadana.org/ph/528.jpg

alt: Photo 28

title: Tenasserim – Representations of the lower realms, painted on the wall of a building at the same time of its construction, a small hundred years ago. With dignity it has been decorated with drawings and devas statues, it's intended to safeguard the whole of the Pali writings corpus and their main commentaries, and to give shelter to any monk whishing to isolate himself for a retreat.

longdesc: Inside wall of a monastic monastery on witch are painted hell representation. We see evils torturing in many differents ways their victims: one of them giving axe shot, another pulling jaw with pincers, an other one saw his vctim in half part, an other one again kills his victim with points in the body. Up of the door who appears on the picture, we see the draw of a dead body eaten by birds.