url: http://www.dhammadana.org/ph/539.jpg

alt: Photo 39

title: Yangon – Dining room of a meditation centre. In the back the tables of the monks, on the second plan at the right those of the nuns, on the left those of the laywomen, outside on the left of the photograph those of the laymen, on the first plan those of the foreign laymen.

longdesc: Dining-hall of a meditation center, with a floor made of many differents woods. At first plan, two Occidentals and one Asian are taking their meals, sat together. At the back, a ten Burmese nunns group are taking their meal, per groups of four or five. Standing, a nun shows a table to women dresses as Yogi( down brown and white top). At the end on the left, other women are already eating. At the all end, a statue of Bhudda protected by a window.