url: http://www.dhammadana.org/ph/612.jpg

alt: Photo 12

title: Yangon – The plat-form of the Shwedagon pagoda is a place rich of religious monuments and quiet, in opposit to the lot of people who comes there. Whatever the people there, each one respect the quiet of the place, overlooking the capital, but far from the traffic jam. From there, some take profit for meditating a few minutes or for some hours.

longdesc: Full plan on two white little pagodas from a very raffinated style, each one with a High guilded point. They cover a statue of Buddha white and gold, guarded by two devas and lions from same colors. At the feet of the left little pagoda, on the floor (cover of marble stale), a old men is sat, eyes closed, and seems to be in deep meditation, covered with a big black tissu.