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List of the descriptions of the pictures

Here is the list of the all pages giving a detailled description of each picture (picture or illustration) significant of the Website.

Each page corresponding to a picture and divided in four parts:

  1. Web address of the picture
  2. content of "alt" (alternative text)
  3. content of "title"
  4. "longdesc" itself (long description)

Information: Information: this pages are with a minimal set up form, without links. It is important so to go back to the previous page with the help of your keyboard "backspace" or of the button "previous page" of your browser.

Pictures "Myanmar 1999"

Pictures "Laos 2002"

Pictures "Cambodia 2002"

Pictures "Myanmar 2002"

Pictures "Burmese monasteries"

Pictures "Religious Burmese buildings"

Other picture

Page updated on 2005, June the 10th

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