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In spite of all our care, all kinds of mistakes can have been left. It'd be very helpful and we will be tremendously grateful you to notify us by a little send mail.

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To make the dhamma as accessible as possible, give us some of your time in order to translate one or more pages of the site into English, German, Spanish, etc.

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This Website exist since 2001, February the 12th.


Webmaster's letter

Mandalay, 2005, May the 18th

As expected for any respectable Web site, dhammadana.org is now properly structured, and easy-to-access for everybody. It wasn't too late!

It was a hard long-term job, but which definitely brings results. Except the English and Burmese versions which are still under construction, all the site is now conform to official recommendations. The display is appropriate for all browsers, and it complies with accessibilities rules for handicapped people or for those who have limited navigation hardware.

Among the improvements, we can also indicate a lightening of the web pages (between 20 and 50 KB for the most of them, and never beyond 70 KB), and all links opening in a new window have been cancelled. As before, there is not the least advertising or disturbing stuff.

We sincerely wish that you will have much interest to discover or rediscover the many teachings, stories, and other things which make this Web site a dedicated place for studying dhamma and everything that turn around, like meditation, morality, wisdom and true understand of reality.

May you all be able to keep away from unskilled act,

May you all be able to follow the noble path of dhamma under the best conditions and keep yourself on it,

May you all be ready to experience nibbāna, the only emergency exit from of the inconstant, unsatisfactory and out of control properties of all that makes existence.

Dhamma Sāmi

What this Website offer?

Here is a list which resume the contents of dhammadana.org:

  • Essential information for the achievement of each one.
  • Detailed and deep instruction for meditation.
  • A large package of teachings that is perfectly in agreement with Buddha's words
  • Pertinent answers concerning the progress on the way of knowledge.
  • Translations of main texts on the Buddha's teaching.
  • Des Books to download on Buddha, vipassanā, the monastic discipline...
  • A set of teachings about main concepts of the dhamma.
  • A wide section about the vinaya, where the whole monastic discipline failures are explained in detail.
  • A Pali English glossary explaining specific definition for each item.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about various Buddhism topics.
  • A test that puts in mind the importance of your own act.
  • Photographies galleries about topics of the Website.
  • An internal search engine.
  • And many other things...

Information: All the pictures of the site which require it, have a detailed description, available via the "longdesc" attribute, or from the list of detailed descriptions.

Objectives of dhammadana.org

In three words

Giving the dhamma

In one sentence

Making available for the most some precious and useful information which provides all the necessary things to follow the path of the reality's knowledge until success.

In a few points

  • To make discover and make understand by oneself the world of reality (which is lived everyday by each one of us).
  • To bring useful information for those who would like it, in order to lighten and to make growing the right comprehension of reality.
  • To help each one to follow the optimal way in accord with its daily activities, whatever they are.
  • To expose what Bouddha taught by explaining as much clearly as possible all the points which are referred to it (vipassanā, nibbāna, the vinaya, the abhidhamma, etc.)
  • To answer to the most fundamental questions:
    • What is reality?
    • Which is the sense of life?
    • Is there a way to go out forever from tiny and great sufferings which come necessarily and constantly with life?
    • What happens after death?

We spend all day long running away from reality. However, ones which directly and entirely live into reality don't even know the least difficulty, the least worry or the least suffer.

The purpose of this Web site is to help each one, more than ever, to go into reality...

Meaning of dhammadāna

Meaning of the name

"dhammadāna" is a two-part composed word: "dhamma, which means: "reality of the things like they truly are" and "dāna", wich means "gift". To do dhammadāna (or dhamma dāna)", then means that one give to others the way of developing the right comprehension of reality.

It's the noblest way of giving; The Buddha has established himself completely and entirely into the practice of dhammadāna until his last breath.

Meaning of the logo

This logo was created in 1999 by the monk Dhamma Sāmi

Esquisse crayonnée du logo dhammadānaLogo dhammadāna

The logo represents dhamma's wheel and his eight parts, one for each component of right comprehension of reality:

  1. right comprehension
  2. right intention
  3. right speech
  4. right action
  5. right livelihood
  6. right effort
  7. right mindfulness
  8. right concentration

Its flower shape symbolizes the dhamma which open up, its curves the flexibility of the dhamma's practice, its balanced structure the harmony of the dhamma's. The flower also represents the act of giving (here, the gift of the dhamma).

The brown-red-background mention the monastic dress – ones which wear it, are dhamma's representatives –, and the white, the light of wisdom and purity of the spirit.

About the Author

The monk Dhamma Sāmi collecting his food with his bowl.It is a 34 year old monk, having both the Swiss and the French nationalities, who has been integrated into the saṃgha in Burma on 1998, April the 12th.

His name is difficult to bear: Dhamma Sāmi, which literally means dhamma master"! Naturally, except the Buddha himself, nobody can pretend with such a title. Whatever is the name of this monk, his only will is to practise the dhamma, to live it, to experience it, to study it and to spread it. And sometimes also to drink a good milk tea!

Let's notice that the main translator of the English version of this site is the respectable Mr Thierry Lambrou, and the giver for the rights of the domain name and for the web hosting is the generous Mr Florent Gilles.


Here is some addresses of meditation centers...

Warning: unfortunately, we can notice that more and more supposed dhamma places grant more interest to their money than teaching of the dhamma itself. Choose sober, rudimentary and poor places where one lets you decide the gift which you wish to leave (or not).

In France

Centre Vipassanā Sakkyamuni
(60 miles in the south of Paris)
33 allée Émile Gemton, Montbéon
89340 Saint-Agnan
phone: 03 86 96 19 44

In Burma (Myanmar)

Saddhamma Ransi Meditation Centre
Sayādaw U Kundala
7 Zeyar Khemar Road
Mayangone 7SHP
Yangon / Myanmar
Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre
55A Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
Kaba Aye P.O.
11061 Yangon / Myanmar
phone: (95) 01- 661479
fax: (95) 01- 667050
Mogok vipassanā Yeiktha
82 Natmouk Road, Bahan
Yangon / Myanmar
Sayādaw U Pandita
80A, Than Lwin Road
Shwegondine P.O. Bahan
Yangon / Myanmar
phone: (95) 01- 535448, 705525
Forest Meditation Centre (Hse Main Gon)
(At one hour from Yangon by car)
phone: (95) 01- 247211
Forest Meditation Centre
Shwe U Min Sayādaw
Yadanar Street
North Okkalapa
Yangon / Myanmar
Hmawbi Chanmyay
Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre
phone: (95) 01- 620321
Mahāsī Mediation Centre
Sayādaw U Jaṭila, Sayādaw U Vassava
16, Sāsanā Yeiktha Road
11201 Yangon / Myanmar
phone: (95) 01- 541971, 552501
fax: (95) 01- 667050

Other countries

Burmese Buddhist Foundation of WA
539 High Road, Parkwood WA
5147 Perth
Vipassanā Korea Centre
Venerable Cho marayano
277-39 Hong Eun 3 Dong
Seodae Moonku
Seoul 120-100
Vipassanā Meditation Center
Venerable Thannanando
Kamerlingh Omnesstraat 71
9727 HG Groningen
phone: 050-276051
America Burma Buddhist Association
Venerable Indeka
619 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States
phone: (718) 622-9019
Dhammanada Vihāra
Venerable Silananda
17450 South Callibro Hwy
Half Moon Bay, CA 94014
United States
phone: (415) 726-7604
Jetavana Vihāra Ky Vien Tu
Venerable Khippa Pañño
1400 Madison 86 N.W.
Washington DC 20015
United States
phone: (202) 882-6054
Myanmar Monastery
Venerable Kiccayana
8147 Hay Shed Lane
United States
International Meditation Centre
Venerable Dr. Rastrapal
Buddhagaya, PO Bodh-Gaya
824231 District Gaya, Bihar
Coumhia, M.D. 21045
Theravāda Buddhist Association
Mr. Issei Suzuki
203, Mejiro Roze-Haim
Dhamma Dipa
Venerable Vicitasara
2F, 1-3-4 Nakai
Tokyo 161
Vipassanā Bhāvanā Center
Kanduboda, Delgoda
Sri Lanka
Johan Tinge
Bodegravenstraat 68
5043 BR Tilburg
Netherlands 013-710787
Brimingham Buddhist Vihāra
Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma
41 Carlyle Road Edgbasten
Brimingham B16 9BH
United Kingdom
Britain Burma Buddhist Trust
Venerables Kumara & Sobhita
The Vihara, No1, Old Church Lane
London NW9 8TG
United Kingdom
Teras Theravāda Buddhist Vihāra
Mjornerbacken 45 Rissne
17248-Sundbyberg Stockholm
phone: 08-7334593
Dhamma Gruppe
Postfach 5909
CH-3001, Bern
Wat Mahadhatu
Venerable Phra Maha Pithoon vidhuro
Section 5, Taprachan
Bangkok 10200
Wat Tamao
Venerable Dhammannanda
304 Wat Tamao
Lampang, 52000
Wat Vivek Asom
Dr. Ajahn Asobha
C/O Samnuk
Vipassanā Vivekasom
Ampher Muang, Chonburi 20000

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