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Pictures: isi Dhamma (ex Ven. Dhamma Sāmi)

Text: isi Dhamma

Date: July 2010

Page uptading: feb. 8th 2011

Daily life at Pa Auk forest monastery


On the wooded hills overlooking the Pa Auk village, was founded the Monastery by the same name, where everything has been designed to provide the most conducive conditions for meditation. Here teachers are trained by the famous Venerable Accina, better known by the name of his monastery: Pa Auk Sayādaw.



The main méditation hall is also the sīma, place for monastic procedures.



Monks or laymen, a few meditators only practice in their kuti, others stay in meditation hall.





The nuns and women have their own infrastructure reserved for "females", two miles away. Here, the meditation hall of the "males" monastery.




The « kutis »

They are all kinds of configurations' kutis: small, large, ancient, modern, grouped, isolated, near the center of the monastery, remote, wooden, concrete, empty, equipped, at bottom and top of hill. Only in the male part of the monastery, there is nearly three hundred kutis.








The meals

Everyone comes to take his place in line near the food distribution hall, according to seniority, the monks first, followed by novices and lay people. Hitting the tambourine, we come to receive very varied food offered to residents of the monastery by the benefactors who came from the village, the nearby town, on the other side of the country or abroad.







The nature

In addition to being significant, the ubiquitous nature at Pa Auk is very inspiring for the development of within tranquility. We understand why the Buddha exhorted his disciples to practice in the forest, far from towns and villages.









Anyone can come and reside in Pa Auk Monastery, and meditate as long as he wants!

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