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Which rebirth do you deserve?


Do not take the result of this Test too seriously. A little teasing on a web site can't predict our future existence. The law of kamma is too complex and involves too many factors for it to be possible to know a person's future existence with any certainty. Only the Buddha can know this accurately.

The aim of this Test

The aim of this Test is simply to give an idea of the life that we could expect if we continue to live the present life according to the replies we give. It is also an original way to introduce the law of kamma.


The principle is very simple... The test comport 3 parts (one by page). On these pages, questions are asked to you. Each question has 3 answers possible, each one is followed of one, two or three "Þ". Add the "Þ" correspondent with your answers.

Choose the answers which correspond you the best. In bottom of each page, follow the instructions which are given to you. You will arrive then in the second part, then the third, and finally, to the result.

The test comprises 24 questions

The result

To obtain a result that can give you useful information, it is important to answer the questions spontaneously. This Test is not a game aimed at unlocking paradise, it is a means to present in a light-hearted way the benefits of a virtuous life and make one aware of one's own conduct. You're kindly invited to start now...

Make the test

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about this page

Origin: Test conceived for this Website

Author: Monk Dhamma Sāmi

Translator: Thierry Lambrou

Date: 2001

Update: 2005, June the 9th