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Part 2/3

For each following question, choose the answer which corresponds you the best and count the "Þ".

Question 18

What do you think of bull fights?

  • They are unacceptable. ÞÞÞ
  • I'm not interested. ÞÞ
  • They are spectacular. Þ

Question 19

How do you dress?

  • According to fashion or with designer marks. ÞÞÞ
  • To please somebody. ÞÞ
  • To impress or provoke. Þ

Question 20

A journalist promised you to publish your photograph in the paper, but the next day it hasn't appeared. What do you do?

  • You make enquiries at the journal. ÞÞÞ
  • You ask the journalist for a quick rectification. ÞÞ
  • You complain to the journalist. Þ

Question 21

A client addresses one of your employees thinking that he is the boss. What do you do?

  • You politely let him know that you are the boss. ÞÞÞ
  • You give an order to the employee so that he makes the customer understand that it is you (the boss). ÞÞ
  • You say loud and clear: "Here's the boss, it's me". Þ

Do you added up the "Þ" of your answers? To reach the last part of the test, click on the link according to the quantity obtained.

Between 4 et 8 "Þ"

Between 9 et 12 "Þ"

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