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Part 3/3

For each following question, choose the answer which corresponds you the best and count the "Þ".

Question 22

You already earn a very good salary but someone proposes you to work an extra hour. What do you do?

  • You accept. Þ
  • You refuse because you already have what you need. ÞÞ
  • You say that someone else needs it more than you do. ÞÞÞ

Question 23

Your strong migraine persists. What do you do?

  • You wait calmly thinking of something else. Þ
  • You make the effort to think of something else. ÞÞ
  • You take a stronger medication. ÞÞÞ

Question 24

You find yourself for a few years in a country where the Internet is accessible but illegal. What do you do?

  • The Web has no frontiers, you surf, no matter what. Þ
  • You contact the authorities to try obtaining a special dispensation. ÞÞ
  • You say goodbye to the Web. ÞÞÞ

Do you added up the "Þ" of your answers? To reach the result of the test, click on the link according to the quantity obtained.

3 or 4 "Þ"

5 or 6 "Þ"

7 or 8 "Þ"

9 "Þ"

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