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Part 3/3

For each following question, choose the answer which corresponds you the best and count the "Þ".

Question 22

You already earn a very good salary but someone proposes you to work an extra hour. What do you do?

  • You jump at the occasion. Þ
  • You tell yourself: "why not?" ÞÞ
  • You say that someone else needs it more than you do. ÞÞÞ

Question 23

A dog bites you painfully on the calf. What's your first reaction?

  • You swear at the animal. Þ
  • You yell. ÞÞ
  • You wonder if the clinic is open. ÞÞÞ

Question 24

When you arrive at a friend's house, he asks you to take your shoes off before going in. What do you say to him?

  • "Have you become a maniac?!" Þ
  • "What's the reason?" ÞÞ
  • "Where can I leave them?" ÞÞÞ

Do you added up the "Þ" of your answers? To reach the result of the test, click on the link according to the quantity obtained.

3 "Þ"

4 or 5 "Þ"

6 or 7 "Þ"

8 or 9 "Þ"

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