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This heading give many information about vipassanā, and deep teachings about all the process of this direct vision into the reality.

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It is easy to pick a fruit. One should however know how to climb the tree.

Welcome to the vipassanā heading, that does provide all the required information for properly ripening the fruit of knowledge.

vipassanā is not a practice by itself. That is simply the direct vision of all that which is perceived by consciousness at time when the observed objects do appear. That vision is produced as soon as consciousness knows the perceived object, through a heedful observation, by refraining from all other actions.

It is here about the least action that it is possible to perform to a being's benefit. That knowledge which vipassanā is, develops itself by means of a training called satipaṭṭhāna (the establishment of attention). It is therefore unfair to say: "We practice vipassanā". It is instead more convenient to say: "We follow a training allowing to develop vipassanā".

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